Bear watch

…we built a hide for humans to see the bears in their natural habitat. The Carpathians in Romania give home to over 50 percent of Europe’s bear population. Over the centuries Transylvanian people lived with the bear in a certain balance. Nowadays the bear is still very much there, he uses The Wild Carpathians as his habitat.
We created an access where we can be part of moments of its life.

Bear Watching implies something beautiful in itself. Before dusk you will be driven by our passionate and experienced game keeper Levente from the Guesthouse, passing the Castle, into our Carpathian forest on private grounds. You will pass near beautiful parts of the forest and arrive to the Bear Watch in a very authentic setting. One hour might pass until the first bear arrives, meanwhile you might spot other animals too. However, you must never forget, wild animals in their natural habitat are very shy. After the Bear Watch you will be served drinks in The Pavilion in The Woods, to share and recapitulate your countryside experience. To round off the day you can choose (for additional cost) to go to the Sauna in The Woods (right next to The Pavilion) and you could even have a Candle Light Dinner in The Pavilion. The Bear Watching Season lasts until snow fall. During the colder season bears move less, however they do not hibernate.

RON 740 for 1–2 guests, including drinks in The Pavilion in The Woods before returning to the Guesthouse
each additional guest RON 120, max. 8 guests, min. age 8y

Please notice that bear observation implies a certain discipline, as you have to wait in quiet for the animal to appear. This is why one needs to be older than 8 years to take part on the safari. Thank you for your understanding.

Rules and Regulations