2-night offers including a 15% discount on all activities, full board and B&B


Whether you are celebrating an anniversary,
or just fancy a night of sheer indulgence,
we have created the ultimate weekend on the grounds
of the most romantic castle park of Transylvania. 

The Ultimate Romance Weekend 2.1 

for two guests in The Red Room or The Old Saddlehouse for two nights 


The Ultimate Romance Weekend 2.2 (only Spring-Autumn)

including a Candle Light Dinner in The Old Stables 



Enjoy together with your friends a
lady-like countryside weekend,
how it used to be in Zabola in the old times. 

Ladies' Retreat  

available from 223 to 291 per guest
4 ladies sharing 2 rooms, per guest:  223
2 ladies sharing 1 room, per guest:  249
4 ladies in 4 rooms, per guest: 266
2 ladies in 2 rooms, per guest: 291


Catch up with your closest friends in Zabola
and enjoy an unforgettable men's weekend. 

Gentlemen's Escape

available from 213 to 275 per guest
4 gentlemen sharing 2 rooms, per guest: 213
2 gentlemen sharing 1 room, per guest:  235
4 gentlemen in 4 rooms, per guest: 250
2 gentlemen in 2 rooms, per guest: 275


Enjoy a perfect relaxing break with your friends
catching up on the gossips, or watching some girly DVDs,
indulging yourself with champagne on ice,
a lavish brunch, massage in your room.

Midweeks Girls' Night In

available from 148 to 168 per guest
6 girls sharing 3 rooms, per guest: 148
4 girls sharing 2 rooms, per guest:  154
5 girls sharing 3 rooms, per guest:  162
3 girls sharing 2 rooms, per guest: 168

all prices are in € and include all taxes 


Begin your romantic stay with a bottle of chilled French Champagne. Red roses will enhance the romantic atmosphere of the Red Room.

Before dinner you are welcome for a walk this beautiful English landscape garden. For dinner, we are happy to offer you a luxurious four course menu accompanied with beautiful wines.  

Wake up at leisure the following morning and enjoy the best breakfast experience, reflecting both The Machine House’s commitment to organic and holistic values and also the need for a celebration and indulgence. A romantic Horse Carriage or Horse Sleigh Tour In The Woods neighbouring the Estate will entertain you until either a lavish afternoon tee with home made jams and cakes is served for you, or a picnic basket with wine is prepared for you. In the afternoon you will enjoy a full massage in your room. In the evening we offer a Transylvanian fireside 3-course candle light menu with a fitting wine of your choice.

On Sunday after cosy brunch an exclusive gift bag of The Machine House will be yours to take home as reminder of your stay. 


After a short walk in the park followed by a glass of Prosecco indulge yourselves with a Milk Bath in your room. End the day with beautiful fireside Candle Light Dinner together with your friends. 

After an indulging Breakfast next morning our horse man Gábor will chauffeur you through the castle park and park forest. Before you will relax in The Old Stables gardens (summer) you will have a massage to freshen you up for the evenings Bear Watching or Wildlife Watching which will be followed by drinks in The Pavilion In The Woods and a Sauna experience. Returning to The Machine House a late fireside Candle Light Dinner will await you.

The last day in the morning after brunch a hairdresser and cosmetics will give you the right treat for the start of the week. 


Transylvania is one of the rare regions in Europe where real countryside is still existing. Transylvanian countryside at its best is kept, lived and managed in Zabola. We are professionals in "countryside". Dive into our countryside life-style and enjoy days like in the old times, when relatives and friends where visiting the estate for hunts and dinner parties

After a welcome drink and a first inspection of the castle park you will have the opportunity for playing Croquet coming with a Gin and Tonic (summer) or Kloot Schieten with a barcab on the terrace, or on the frozen lake. To warm you up we will prepare the Sauna In The Woods for you followed by a fireside Candle Light Dinner in The Machine House.

The next day starts with a hearty brunch to prepare you for a two-hour's Horse Carriage Tour to the neighbouring village Haraly. A light lunch will drift you into a relaxed afternoon either in The Old Stables' Garden with its smooth background music (summer) or in front of the fireplace in The Machine House. 5 O'clock seems to be the right time for a Gin and Tonic during a round of croquet in front of The Roaring Twenties (summer).

Now the real country side experience begins. By our game keeper Levente you will be driven into the hunting ground neighbouring The Castle Park. On this 3 hour wildlife-stalking you will drive and walk through our Carpathian forests and stalk after deer, stags, bears and wolves. The successful stalk ends with Drinks In The Pavilion In The Woods, followed by a Sauna In The Woods. Enjoy the late fireside Candle Light Dinner in The Machine House to share your experiences from this day.

 After the last day's rich brunch Gábor will chauffeur you in the Horse Carriage/Sleigh through The Castle Park and Park forest. 


Arrive midweek to the most romantic Transylvanian estate and castle park for champagne on ice, yummy canapés and a list of girly DVDs in your room. Enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail in the cosy sitting room before a lavish but light fireside Candle Light Dinner. 

The next morning an indulging breakfast a massage in you room will fresh you up. Catch up on the gossip and while away the afternoon with a DVD or join Jutka and Anna néni in the kitchen for some traditional bread baking, or cooking course after a light lunch and before pampering yourselves in your room. In the last evening you will enjoy the fireside Candle Light Dinner with pre cocktails.

On Sunday after brunch an exclusive gift bag of The Machine House will be yours to take home as a reminder of your stay.

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