At the Machine House we are devoted to Transylvanian cuisine. Our menus are based on unpublished family cookbooks from old noble houses in Transylvania. The two-hectare kitchen garden and stables on the estate produces most of the organic vegetables, fruits and herbs that are used in the kitchen at Zabola. There are no pesticides used in the gardens, and milk products and meat are bought from trusted farmers in Zabola village who provide their animals with natural feed.

The Dining Rooms are situated on the ground floor of The Machine House. All meals can be served both in the Dining Rooms and in the Outside Sitting Area of The Machine House. On special request we can serve dinners in The Old Saddlehouse and in The Garden House for an additional € 15, and in the Red and Yellow Room of The Machine House for an additional € 10.



We serve a hearty and colorful breakfast buffet with a variety of homemade jams, cheeses and other local products, most of which from not more far away than 2 kilometer. Our own 2-hectare kitchen garden and stables provides us with plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, meet etc. 

Breakfast In Bed is also available on special request for stays in The Machine House for additional € 5 per guest.

included in Bed & Breakfast price


Lunch (2-course)


Lunch for Kids (2-course from 5-14 years)



Candle Light Dinner 1.1  

Enjoy Transylvanian fireside Candle Light Dining either in the dining rooms or the outside sitting area of The Machine House.
It consists of a fix 3-course dinner fitting to the season. In case of special preferences, or any food allergies please inform us prior to your arrival.


Dinner for Kids (3-course from 5-14 years)



Candle Light Dinner For Two In The Old Stables 2.1 (summer-season)

450 square meter of former stables and 1/4 hectare gardens are all yours during this evening. We will place 100 candles around your dining table in the middle of the large hall and on the roofed terrace, smooth background lightening and music with a complementary bottle of Prosecco and Wine will create the right atmosphere for special moments in your life.
This dinner needs to be reserved either prior to your arrival or in time during your stay.


Candle Light Dinner For Two In The Pavilion In The Woods 2.2 (summer-season)

Imagine sun dawn with a view on the Carpathian Mountains, the great Háromszék plain beneath your feet, and indulge yourself with this unique picnic on the countryside. A complementary bottle of Prosecco and wine will come with smooth background music and lightning. You will be close to the forest and might see a few deer's hopping away... 
The Pavilion can used in winter too, though please consider it is an open pavilion.
This dinner needs to be reserved either prior to your arrival or in time during your stay.




for 1 guest, including a table outside, 1/2 bottle of wine, or 2 bottles of local beer 



For a successful experience and your own safety, please do not bring food to stalkings, bear watch or hunts!

Lunch Box For Two 

Lunch Boxes taken to an activity go with 15% discount


Picnic Basket For Two

Please have a seat! Zabola offers plenty of beautiful spots for a picknick. Including a wine, Picnic Baskets taken to an activity go with 15% discount



Drinks in The Pavilion In The Woods

You will enjoy afternoons in the Woods, or see the most fabulous sun dawns with beautiful views on Carpathian mountains and the great Háromszék plateau. 


Drinks with The Sauna In The Woods 2.2

Enjoy your sauna-experience with a water cure of 1 bottle local Mineral Water from our Carpathian volcano area. In addition you will receive 1 bottle of local Beer. 


The Honesty Bar in The Old Stables (summer-season)

all day, prices available at bar

The Honesty Bar at The Roaring Twenties (winter-season, avilable only at full house)

all day, prices available at bar

The Honesty Bar In The Machine House

daily after dinner, prices available at bar

Wine-Selection In The Old Saddlehouse

prices available in The Old Saddlehouse

all prices are in € and include all taxes

download pricelist